Lankawi island - West (Peninsular) Malaysia

Working with Ps. Eng Kor and Suan Bee

Lankawi is an island located off the North West coast of West Malaysia right on the border with Thailand and is predominantly a resort island. However, MVA has been working with an FGA church on this island for over 10 years doing teaching, preaching, children and youth ministry.

  • We usually stay on Langkawi for 1-2 nights and take part in their night service then travel to Southern Thailand by fast boat (1.5 hrs) for a further 2 weeks of ministry in Thailand with MVT
  • It is easy to fly to Langkawi via KL then fly out of either Bangkok or Chiang Mai back to Australia depending on itinerary. This is an exciting trip to do.

Sabah - East Malaysia (Borneo)

Pastor Gedion Lemangis  is our key leader in Sabah who leads a church in a predominantly farming community and is the Chairman & lead coordinator of the Sabah ‘INTERIOR PRAYER NETWORK’ – organising large combined church revival meetings in the interior division of Sabah (Keningau, Tambunan, Nabawan & Tenom).

Gedion organises outreaches into surrounding villages so the people will know the truth and choose to accept JESUS over other beliefs. His passion is to motivate and inspire them through GOD’s word.

Sabah is on the island of Borneo and is made up of numerus tribal groups. MVA is working with national Pastors and churches in different locations on Sabah to help them reach out to these tribal groups.  Our teams go to……

  • Train and equip pastors and leaders for church-planting and discipleship
  • Ministry to women’s groups, Bible training, health & Hygiene
  • Provide English teaching (second language) and foundations in sustainable agriculture
  • Ministry to children and youth
  • Visit remote villages for evangelism and teaching
  • Encourage the churches and leadership training
  • Training camps for equipping and mentoring young Christian leaders to do evangelism in remote mountain tribes.
  • Work with “Sea Gypsies” (Muslim) on the East Coast
  • Partnering with Indigenous church leaders opening new areas for evangelism
  • Encouraging the Indigenous churches.
  • Revival meetings
  • Pastor support and teaching.
  • Evangelism into least reached people grou
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