Vanuatu is a notion of 83 islands and a population of approximately 300,000 with its capitol Port Vila located on the island of Efate.  Vanuatu is ranked the third poorest country in the Pacific.  Some of MVA’s mission team activities in Vanuatu are as follows…..
  • Spend a day working with a small school in a beautiful village on top of Nguna island near an extinct volcano or a school down on the coast next to the aqua sea.
  • Spend time with a local village community on Pele Island where you will be blessed and so will the people as you share together the love of God.
  • Stay in a small island village and develop strong relationships with people of a vastly different culture.
  • Come prepared to serve the local churches as you work together on community projects, joining with youth group activities, doing children’s ministry and outreach activities in small towns and villages.
  • Encourage through sharing testimonies, practical support and helping leaders and pastors in whatever is needed.
  • Help village communities with Cyclone relief and reconstruction when needed.
  • Work with the Victory school project and Blacksands slum community in Port Vila doing teaching encouraging teachers and parents and doing projects as required.
  • Come and build supportive relationships between Australian churches and schools and the people of Vanuatu.
  • How about an end of year fun Schoolies Trip?

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