We received this week a cry for help from one of lovely Brother’s in the Lord in Myanmar.  His letter really pulled at my heart. I am wondering if you are able to help, anyway you could.  He needs prayer for his beloved country and especially his people. 

No Longer somewhere to live
Myanmar The Forgotten War.
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Our Brothers Letter
Do you know any one (group) who might be a help for christians who are displaced? Since last April 5, the military has burned villages and killed and tortured people who are just 7 kilometers away from my town. They already burned 3 christian villages along with several church buildings, with approximately 700 families whose houses were brought to ashes last week. Now, my parents just arrived in my town yesterday as displaced families. We expect over thirty or more thousand to evacuate in the near future. Although churches, schools and community shelters provide food and shelter for a while, we do not know how long this will take place. Last year it did happen already for 2 months. At the moment, I am with my parents and 2 other families at my campus. At the moment everything is fine, however, if it takes long, we fear everything will be running out including food. 
Therefore, I would like to inquire if you happen to know any christian group who can help the displaced, or who are affected by war, our community will really need their help in any form (do not worry if you do not know, that’s ok). Indeed, I do not feel comfortable bringing these inquiries, but our situation is a bit overwhelming at the moment. Not for me nor my family, but for our people who are fleeing for their lives from the hands of a cruel military.  
Above all, we are doing good. Our town is quiet these days from war. But the other side (7 km from my house) is jeopardizing their lives these days. We just pray for divine intervention to our country very soon. Thank you for your concern and prayers every time. We love you. We are praying for you.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters under such harsh persecution and conditions.