Missionary Ventures Australia is now working with the Khmer people in Baray Kompong Thom Province and beyond.  We are privileged to come Pastor Pleng Samreth the new Director of MV/Cambodia who are working in some of the under-developed rural areas away from Baray district.  This is exciting as it provides opportunities for mission teams to work in the heartland of Cambodia that was once a Pol Pot Vietcong stronghold.
Itineraries can be arranged involving teams in community projects and other exciting activities with churches and schools.
Cambodia is the perfect place for school teams and churches to involve themselves in community projects, local churches.
While on the ground teams will be housed at the Khmer Homestay which Esther Ding Ministries set up to Promote local industry as a means of alleviating rural poverty.  When staying at the Khmer Homestay meals are provided for at the nearby SOLAR Café, also set up by Esther and used to train and equip locals in hospitality and catering.
English teaching is a great opportunity to be involved in the communities and along with after school activities there is also opportunities for teaching and preaching in MV Cambodia’s network of churches’

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