MVA Short Term Team Training

  • Our commitment is to send out well trained, effective, and culturally sensitive teams that will make a difference in the lives of the people they will be serving.

Experienced staff from MVA are available take teams through a detailed training program that will equip both the individual and the team. This training involves team members meeting together weekly to work through what we call the Seven Essentials of Short-Term Team Training, which include…

  • Dealing with Expectations
  • Hearing the Voice of God,
  • Identity
  • Unity
  • Giving up our Rights (including conflict resolution),
  • Spiritual Warfare,
  • Cross Cultural Preparation, Re-Entry Preparation and Logistical Preparation

If preferred MVA can supply the teaching resources and the team can do their own training

What you should know

All the Countries we are involved in are now open to teams so please read below how we can help you form a team

We work with our Country Directors and partners in Thailand, Indonesia, Sabah East Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Fiji, Vanuatu.  

A short-term trip can be formed from a school, church, youth group, small group, or a group of people with a passion to serve  

Our desire for your team:

  • To be effective in ministry and building lasting relationships
  • For team members to be challenged and grow through their mission experience.
Trip Itinerary:

A well-balanced itinerary for your team will be developed with our national leaders and partners. This will allow time to adjust to the culture, whilst also getting ‘the work’ done.

We like to start team planning at least 6 months before the flight date. 

Length of Short-Term Mission Trips:

The length of most trips is usually 10 – 14 days. This can vary to meet the needs in the field and the needs of those going. We can arrange for individuals to go for up to three months if the need is there.

Size of teams 

Teams vary in size to meet the needs in the field and according to the location. A team of approximately 5 – 12 people is a good size.

Teams Costs: 

MVA works with our national leaders and travel agent to put together a trip budget. The quoted cost of a trip includes all airfares, in country transport, food, accommodation, Visas, (when required), travel insurance and any team training. All team members are responsible for their personal expenses.

Age of Team Members:

The age of team members varies from youth to older adults. Parental permission is required for those under 18.

Team Leaders: 

MVA helps to facilitate the Mission trip, working with our national leaders. MVA will provide an experienced team leader if required or train your preferred leader.

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