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It’s hard to express what it has been like to reside deep in the culture of Bali. A truly humbling and magical experience.
This was my first time being emersed amoung a community of people so different to our western culture. The love, respect and hospitality these people have freely given, challenges me in many ways. My character and perspective has altered to align more closely with God’s heart for his people. Especially the poor and broken-hearted.
I was blessed with the most beautiful and loving children on our camp. As a mother with three children of my own, I was able to inspire and teach them how to hear Gods voice through pictures, visions, his word and in our thoughts more clearly. The excitement this brought into deepening their walk with lord, so encouraged me. Age, distance, culture makes no difference when God speaks. Through all my inadequacies he used me. I was astounded by his work through all the leaders during the 10 days we spent together. Covering all elements of making life on camp with teenage kids a huge success.
The physical challenges on camp I had been somewhat nervous about. This is a huge part of increasing our confidence, capacity and enlarging our territory with what we can achieve in life. Tears rolled down my cheeks as we summited one of Bali’s hardest climbs, Mt Agung. A 12 hour overnight hike is not easy, and I had to rely on God to help me complete it. And he did. Every child on camp was pushed to their limits mentally and physically and achieved more than they thought possible. That’s our God. Though poverty stands like a fortress in front of them, our God can create a path to reach their dreams.
I’ll return home to my family in NZ enriched. Memories of our island style transport on the back of a small truck on Nusa Pendia, the intensity of driving through bustling villages and markets nothing short of a sensory overload. The incredible food and not having to cook. The bright white  smiles of the kids, their hugs and calling me ‘mama’. Seeing god move in so many ways, touching the hearts of these kids who are so eager to receive.
I am so thankful to Nicolette and Lyn for inviting me to be part of MVA on this missions trip. The way you led the camp made me feel relaxed away from my family, and provided a safe environment for me. I feel so at home here in Bali, and it’s hard to return to my usual routine.  I’ll be back.