Being an organisation that is Involved with other mission teams and organisations we are blessed to recieved newsletters of how they are impacting the communities they are in. Here is a newsletter from Bali Bikers an organisation who we are involved with through our bike ministry. Enjoy……


Disciple Or Die (DOD) is a motorcycle community division of Gerasa Bali which was founded in 2018.

Their goal is to reach out to friends from various communities in Bali and other cities throughout Indonesia. 2018 was the first time to reach villages in North Lombok and villages in East Lombok

Motorcycles are very helpful for the DOD team in carrying out outreach to villages in the Lombok Region, especially those that are difficult to reach by car.

They also go around using motorbikes and pray so that the place they visit is prepared by God to expand the mission of Gerasa ministry.

2019 – Until now, DOD is assisted by the Social Enterprise Team from Gerasa to introduce business services for mothers in North and East Lombok villages with the aim of developing  their natural potential. This is also one of Gerasa’s ways to reach people of peace.


The DOD community started to build relationships and share word of GOD in North Lombok. Until finally in 2019 the head of the hamlet there gave land to build a “Smart House” and continue Gerasa mission services.

They began to share their time, energy, thoughts and create programs to serve the community. Through Gerasa partnership, who gave us its blessings, made us an extension of God’s hand to distribute food packages, vitamin packages, PPE equipment and distribute glasses.

In 2021 and 2022, DOD began to build relationships with communities in Lumajang Regency. They helped clean up a polluted village from the eruption of Mount Semeru. Good relationships were established with the local residents in Lumajang and many of them have found the people peaceful.
In 2021, Gerasa’s work partners sent funds for Christmas events to children who have been fostered by Gerasa at the Safe House. They were very happy with the Christmas event because they could gather together,to eat together and pray together.


In 2019 the DOD community have started in every cell group praying together. The cell group strongly strengthens every member of DOD to live life according to God’s will.
In 2020, after the birth of new leaders from DOD members, they then met peaceful with youths from various religions.
They named it as DOD Teens. These groups are served by DOD members and are provided with 12 peace values.
In 2019 – until now, DOD has also started group cell communities in North Lombok and East Lombok. They discussed what they were grateful for and what challenges they wanted to pray for together. This is inseparable from Gerasa’s DNA and Gerasa’s goals, namely discipleship.


In 2019, Peacemaker leaders, provided DOD members with training to coach the 12 values of peace.
This is very helpful for multiplication wherever DOD members are because each member already has 12 basic values of peace.
In 2020, a cross-religious community began to form and a community sharing event, assisted by DOD members as well. In the event, small cells were formed to discuss the 12 values of peace in every meeting and knowledge about God, and also sharing in the circle what  they can share with other communities.
In 2021 the Social Enterprise team, which has been equipped with 12 values of peace, will help the DOD team to provide business training for trainers to youth in North Lombok and women in East Lombok. We long for anyone who receives the 12 values of peace training and business training can also share what they get with other communities who don’t know God so that discipleship can be sustainable