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Many of our pastors are involved in helping those in poor areas still effected by Covid.  These are in villages and areas of civil war.

Where we can not give names here is excerpt from a Pastor we are partnering with who runs an organisation who help ( with relief for villages and pastors working with the villages and train Pastors)

I would like to give a few glimpses of the situation in Myanmar. In my last Email, I’ve told you that the situation is really scary in Myanmar. We are facing the darkest hours right now. There is no other word to describe how the situation looks like. First, it is worse in terms of security, safety. We don’t know when and where will the bomb explode while we are on our way. Moreover, as people are starving, there arise many looters, thieves, robbers everywhere. We need God’s protection!

The relief takes many forms from food and clothing to medical supplies.

Also in neighbouring countries many have lost their livelyhood due to the pandemic,  Are you able to help?

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