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Account Name - Missionary Ventures Inc.
Account BSB - 063 812 
Account - 100 28994 
Bank - Commonwealth Bank

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Send the cheque to:


Missionary Ventures Australia
355 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading. VIC. Australia. 3131

(When using a cheque please provide the name of the project you're donating to).

Our Pastors work to care and love the local people. They are committed to the people they serve, working in hard and difficult circumstances in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Fiji and Vanuatu

Funds are needed to help cover their living expenses – which frees them to care for others and provide for their own families

Pastors are busy with relief to many places reaching out to the children, men and women, refugees and those who are not able to come over the borders or other conditions (Natural disasters or medical emergencies  etc ) for help. These Pastors are delivering relief to those who are impacted greatly by Covid 19 and civil wars. MVA is working closely with these pastors  and our Regional Director and staff  have made a number of visits and keep continual contact ( when travel is not possible ) to these pastors and their area to see first hand the situation. Please consider donating to help these pastors to help those in great need.

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