Following on the heels of Cyclone Judy, Cyclone Kevin (Category 4) ripped through Port Vila the capital of Vanuatu last Saturday causing further wide spread damage. Pastor Zebedee told me it was heart breaking to see the damage Kevin has caused to some of the class rooms at Victory School of Hope and the many school resources that have been destroyed. There was also further damage to Victory Church which will now need major repairs.


We are working with Pastor Zebedee to help the island of Tanna in the south that suffered major damage and lost their banana crops as well as their vegetable gardens that were destroyed. It will take months for these crops to regrow causing a wide spread shortage of food on the island of 20,000 people.

MVA is working with Ps Zebedee to send a shipment of rice to Tanna as soon as it can be arranged. We are also committed to help with rebuilding his church and undertaking the repairs needed for the school class rooms and to replace the resources that have been destroyed.  

If you are able to help us with the rebuilding and food relief it would be greatly appreciated and an awesome blessing to the people of Vanuatu. Thank you.

For Further information please email: Lynda



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