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Prayut, the story of his path from a critical health condition to finding faith and healing in Jesus, a story of God’s redemptive love and transformation.

Prayut and His wife

Critical Condition and Medical Desperation:

Prayut started battling cancer shortly before Christmas in 2022. His condition deteriorated leading to intensive care in the hospital’s ICU. Despite the dedicated efforts of medical professionals, his situation became so critical that doctors acknowledged their limitations. They recommended seeking help from a higher power recognizing that earthly doctors couldn’t save him and advised turning to the divine Doctor in Heaven.                 

Turning to Faith:

The doctor, a Christian, advised Prayut’s wife to pray for Jesus to heal her husband. Miraculously, the next day, Prayut woke up from a coma, seemingly waking up from the dead as Jesus had healed him. After waking up in the ICU, Prayut’s wife took him to MV Ban Muang Church and they asked him if he believed that Jesus could save him. He affirmed, saying yes and accepted Jesus. 

Acceptence of Jesus and Intercession Prayer:

The members of MV Ban Muang joined together in fervent prayer and intercession, seeking divine intervention for Prayut’s health and well-being. As MV Ban Muang and all the members prayed and interceded for him he received complete healing and 2 months later, he asked to be baptized.


Miraculous Healing:

Prayut underwent a miraculous turn, experiencing complete healing that defies the initial prognosis from the medical professionals. This transformative event not only impacted Prayut, but also left a profound impression on the MV Ban Muang Church community, strengthening their faith and belief in the power of prayer.

   Decision to Be Baptized:
Two months after his miraculous healing, Prayut, deeply moved by the spiritual journey he undertook, decided to be baptized. This symbolic act signified his commitment to his new found faith and serves as a public declaration of his trust in Jesus as his Saviour