MV Indonesia Director: Ledianus Gulo…

Pastor Ledi (R) with Pastor Rasali and his wife ( Middle)
Pastor Rasali with Pastor Ledi on left

On Nias Island (population 1 million people) there is a strong Christian heritage due to German missionaries working there in the early 1900’s, but the government is now trying to islamise the population.  The churches are asking for help to bring much needed revival to their churches as many have just become very religious with no life.  Our teams currently have no restrictions on Nias even working in Government schools. However, we don’t know how long this will last. 

Our teams can…..

Do teaching and training in Children’s Ministry for the churches, schools, and Kindergartens

We have open access to the many small and large schools, even High Schools, all over Nias through our key Indonesian leaders and pastors.

Teaching English and vocational skills to the youth.  (Communities and Training Centre)

On these trips we also work with churches, in Central, North Nias and a Bible Training Centre in West Nias  Literally from the beautiful north  and west coasts to the densely rainforest covered mountains of the interior.

Teams hold Revival meeting in churches across Nias in towns and remote villages.

The people are incredibly open and keen to learn, you will be most welcome and make lasting relationships.

We would love you to be involved with us in this exciting ministry

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