There are many team types

Youth & Children

MVA has short term teams that work in orphanages, children’s homes and also with churches that require help with their children’s ministry. These teams get involved in Kid’s Clubs, dramas, puppetry, child evangelism, teaching English in schools, telling stories, running camps, building relationships and helping to set up feeding programs.

Youth Teams 

The energy and excitement that is generated from a youth team can have a tremendous impact on a hurting world. Youth can use their creative talents and God given gifts to evangelize, equip and train others through Sport, Youth Camps ,Creative arts, personal testimonies and construction projects. Many young people return home from mission trips with a fresh vision for missions, one that God can use to mould and shape their futures, also becoming more involved in the ministry of their local church.


MVA holds Evangelistic crusades, Bible teaching Seminars for churches and Pastors & Leaders Conferences doing Bible teaching and leadership training. These are very well received and much needed in the churches of developing countries throughout the Asia Pacific.

Mixed Teams

Mixed teams seek to combine interests, skills and strengths to meet the needs in the field.

English Teaching

Teaching English as a second language is in great demand and we receive many requests from countries like Indonesia for people who will go and teach English. We need teaches to teach English to both adults and children even in Muslim schools. The doors are open for English teachers.

Professional and technical Skills:

There is also a need for professional and people and those with technical skills who can go and teach these skills in a developing country.We need people skilled in English Teaching, Multimedia, IT, Crafts, Music, all the various Trades, Dress making & Hair dressing etc.

Survivor Camps/ Base Camps

Survivor Camp is all about developing personal empowerment. The camp runs for 10 days and brings together a selected group of future leaders . The camp is designed to explore and experience God’s unlimited love, acceptance and celebration of who He has made us to be. It includes a number of physical, mental and emotional challenges that require extraordinary amounts of team support, resilience and focus. Out of these camps, young men and women are impacted with a life changing experience and become aware of the plans and purposes God has for each of them.Following training time camp participants  go on outreach. During this time they are given opportunity to put all they have learnt into practice

Prayer Teams

There are opportunities for us to take teams into very sensitive countries where we are unable to do any mission work or even to meet with the national churches as it would put them at great risk. However we are able to go in as tourists and pray especially doing prayer walks. We are keen to do this and are always looking for people with an intercessory burden to be involved in this type of team.

Medical, Community Health and Holistic care

Missionary Ventures aims to deliver Holistic  Care addressing communities needs Physically, Emotionally , Behaviourally and Spiritually. Teams trained in Medical and Community development reach out to help meet the needs of impoverished people. Through these teams, needy people experience the loving hand of God as their physical, emotional and  spiritual needs are met bringing relief of pain and a new hope of tomorrow. MVA holds medical and dental clinics in churches, schools, community centres and where ever they can to touch lives in a practical way with the love of Jesus. There are many opportunities in the field and we are always in need of trained professionals in the area of Community health and development   .      

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