Our Dear Bro L wrote to us this week about how it is living in Myanmar presently.  I found his letter most upsetting.  I have included just a few things for you to read but also a request from Bro L. for a children’s home he visited a days travel away from where he lives.


First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU for the honor of serving God together. You are really a blessing to my family, and to many servants of God in Myanmar! 

Secondly, I would like to give a few glimpses of the situation in Myanmar. In my last Email, I’ve told you that the situation is really scary in Myanmar. We are facing the darkest hours right now. There is no other word to describe how the situation looks like. First, it is worse in terms of security, safety. We don’t know when and where will the bomb explode while we are on our way. Moreover, as people are starving, there arise many looters, thieves, robbers everywhere. We need God’s protection! Second, it is worse in terms of business. Our country may soon be the next Sri Lanka for national bankruptcy as inflation reaches its peak in the month of August. The Central Bank (now under military control) can no longer control the flow of money which results in money being like just a paper. Example, the normal exchange rate of 1 US Dollar was around 1300 MMK while the situation was good. But now it is 3500 MMK a Dollar. Yet, the Central Bank maintains it as 2100 MMK. So, prices jumped so high that we needed to pay everything triple. Another example is, one gallon of gas was 3500 MMK, but now it is 13200 MMK. My point in giving you these examples is that our country is heading toward LOWEST POVERTY. This really scares us for our ministry, our ministry existence. Continue to uphold us in your prayers  that we will be able to serve God continually despite these awful situations here. 

Thirdly, I would like to bring a special prayer request for Bro. Nick (name changed for security reasons).Their need is so genuine and they really need our prayers. He loves the Lord and he had great passion for lost souls. I attached a few descriptions about their works.

Your Help is needed

Bro. Nick (Real name changed for secury reasons ) is currently feeding 13 children who are from very poor background. Some of them were orphans. He sends them to schools to get education, also train them with the Word of God every day. He is located in a remote place (location with held ). He had great vision to reach the unsaved. Our Pastor who we partner with went to visit Ps Nick and has shared with us what they are dealing with.  We have itemised below what is in urgent need.

Please pray for these 

Children Share a special meal
Contaminated well
Only way to Filtrate Water
The Forgotten War
Unfinished Kitchen
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Prayer Requests for urgent needs of this Children’s Home. 

1. What is currently needed for the Children’s Home is to complete the construction of the kitchen. Now that we are in the rainy season, we are facing a lot of difficulties when cooking. 

2.Drinking water filters. Our well is only 40 feet deep, so the water is not clean, has a bad smell and is not suitable for us to drink. Therefore,  there is a need for a Water Purifier.

3. We don’t have beds for our children to sleep on. All of them had to spread out mats on the floor and sleep. The children often catch colds and had runny noses and coughs. 

4. There is also basic needs of rice and oil every month.

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