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Please Note: Due to current Covid restriction Travelling overseas for Short Term Mission Trips are not available.

We value your prayers and support for those living in the Asia/Pacific areas who are still suffering due to civil war and Covid.

Thank you

Missionary Ventures Australia.

How Can we help you?

Organising a mission team can be a challenge and enabling your team to get to the field successfully navigating all the issues involved can be daunting. So why not let us do all the hard work for you.  

We have personnel who can arrange and facilitate the team training, handle all the necessary administration, e.g.  book flights, arrange accommodation, meals, and all in country transport also planning an exciting itinerary with the field staff. We will prepare a comprehensive trip budget including all in country expenses also travel insurance if required.   We seek to take the stress out of setting up and running your team so you and can concentrate on the ministry you are going to be involved in and have a safe and effective mission trip. 

MVA can set up, train, and send out effective short-term mission trips for Schools, Youth Groups and Churches or groups of individuals. We work closely with our field staff and key national partners with whom we have strong relationships in… Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Northern Territory. We are here to serve you. 

A short-term mission trip can be built around a school or church group fitting in with your requirements concerning timing and desired location

Our two-fold desire for your team:

To be fruitful in their work, and build strong relationships together and with the field

For team members to grow and be stretched through their mission experience.


A well-balanced itinerary is developed with our Field Coordinators and national leaders allowing for time to adjust to the culture.

We like to start team planning at least 6 months before the flight date to allow plenty of time for setting up the itinerary and training the team.

Length of Short-Term Mission Trips:

The length of most trips is two weeks. This can vary to meet the needs in the field and the needs of those going. We can arrange for individuals to go for up to three months if required.

Size of teams 

Teams vary in size to meet the needs in the field and according to the location. A team of approximately 5 – 12 people is a good size. However, teams of over 20 can be arranged in certain locations

Teams Costs: 

MVA works with our Field Coordinators to put together a trip budget. The quoted cost (Ground Fees) of a trip includes all airfares, in country transport, food, bottled water, accommodation, Visas, travel insurance and team training. All team members are responsible for personal expenses over and above the stated ground fees.

Age of Team Members:

The age of team members can vary from children to older adults. (Depending on the type of trip and location) Parental permission is required for those under 18.

Team Leaders: 

MVA staff help to facilitate the mission trip, working with MV Field Coordinators and partners. Most team leaders have participated in previous short-term trips with MVA. 


For further Information: http://www.mvaustralia.org/contact/

Email: mvateams@mvaustralia.org